Kelowna Waterscaping & Water Gardens with Ponds, Streams, Waterfalls, Fountains & Hot Tubs.

Give It Some Panache

Waterscaping Your Home, Office Or Land To Improve Its Overall Look

Ask someone if they know what landscaping is and they’ll answer you in the affirmative. However, ask someone what waterscaping is and they’re likely to look at you like you’re crazy. What’ waterscaping you ask? It’s similar to landscaping only you’re improving the feature of the water, regardless of whether the improvement happens inside or outside.

A pond, pool or waterfall can make a significant impact and enhance the natural view, depending on the features you use to do so. In fact, sound along with a well-placed surface water feature can produce a rather eye-soothing look.

What You Should Do When You Want To Waterscape – Make Yourself A Plan

When you’re planning to waterscape a pool, pond or waterfall, it’s important to have some kind of plan. Be sure to you study the site you plan on waterscaping. This should be done manually, not by computers. Waterscapers should have some imagination, visualization skills, boldness, skills and originality to ensure the waterscaping project comes out like one sees in his/her mind.

Bear in mind that waterscaping projects can be small like a tabletop fountain to very large such as a garden in a pond.

Four General Waterscaping Categories

What Are You Looking For From Your Waterscaping Project

  1. Fountainscapes – These are small ornamental water features like bubbling urns, tabletop fountains, and fountains that use in-ground reservoirs
  2. Pondless Waterfalls – This is the recirculation of streams and waterfalls work without the presence of any pond, which allows a person to enjoy the sights and sounds it has to offer.
  3. Ecosystem Ponds – These are ponds that can be either large or small in size. The key feature of the ecosystem pond is the balance between aeration, filtration, fish, plants, rocks, etc. The world of the ecosystem is included because it balances the above features perfectly in the artificial ecosystem being created. It doesn’t cost anything to maintain and comes off as a natural look.
  4. Advanced Ponds – This kind of waterscaping technique uses the features of both the pondless waterfalls and ecosystem ponds. Advanced ponds are large in scale and typically seen in commercial places such as offices or banks to create some ambiance and provide beauty to the place. However, some residential places have used these kinds of ponds to enhance the home.

What To Consider When You’re Land and Water-Scaping

When you have water on your property and want to beautify the whole land, waterscaping is the ideal solution. However, there are some things you must consider before you choose just any kind of waterscaping project:

Size and Space

What garden size are you looking for? What kind of space do you have? When you trying to find a design for your waterscaping project, you need to consider both the shape and size of the garden you’ll be making improvements too. If you want a garden fountain, pond or pool, adding a waterfall to it can provide you with a sense of peace and tranquility. However, it does give the whole landscape some visual appeal.

Imagine this: You’re sitting down, reading a book in your chair you placed in the garden. You’ve added to it an exotic waterfall with all kinds of add-ons to it. If you don’t want a waterfall, you could opt for the simple birdbath. Many of these waterscapes come readymade.


You should also consider the installation process of the waterscape feature you purchased. You’ll need to purchase a water pump. However, thanks to the production of solar fountains, electrical connections are no longer needed for pumps. It’s not hard to install one of these features, as the wires don’t need to be set up correctly and buried under the ground. The solar panel must be located a bit of distance from the water feature.

If you want to produce a modern-day outdoor setting, consider hanging wall fountains, as they give the scene a quaint touch. As the name suggests, they don’t take up any ground space because they can be hung on a wall, patio or fence. If you want to give it some additional eye-appealing touches, you can place flowers around it.

Depending on your choice of waterfalls, your fountain can be created. If your property already has boulders and rocks on it, utilize them in the waterscape you want to build. If you don’t have these things already, do not worry. You can find artificial rocks in all sizes and shapes at markets along with the other desirable items to place in the waterscape. However, before you buy just anything, you’ll need to know about the soil color and rocks where he resides. It helps to create a more natural waterscape.

Proportion and Scale

You should also keep the proportion and scale in mind since it needs to be perfect for the space you have to create it. Be sure you don’t place all the focus on the waterscape since it’ll take away attention from the landscape if you have any setup. The size of the waterscape is also important; too large of a waterscape and it looks cluttered, too small of a waterscape and it appears empty. It would be wise to talk with a specialist about the matter.

Don’t Just Buy Willy-Nilly, The Costs Add Up

Every one of these items can be seen in retailer shops; although, you can also purchase the items online. However, the person doing the waterscaping should have some idea what he/she is looking for including the features they want to add. If not, trying to purchase the items needed for the waterscape will only cause confusion because they’re so much to choose from.

And, because of how many there are to choose from, the possibility of picking the wrong features is high and can become quite expensive. Improperly installed water features will add up, causing you to become frustrated by the time-consuming process.

Now, how much you spend will depend entirely on the features and size of your waterscape. Where you install the waterscape will also factor in how much you pay. A way to keep costs down is to take a picture of the area you’ll be installing the waterscape and show it to the landscape consultant.

A picture will help the consultant come up with a proper waterscape design. It will also reduce the possibility of incorrectly installing the featured waterscape, which helps to reduce your costs. Some folks will add various different kinds of vegetables to make the garden look like a natural botanical garden.

The Key Benefit To Using A Waterscape

There is just one major benefit to using a waterscape in your garden, which is to enhance the visualization of it. However, it does several other things too:

  • Increases the property value.
  • Focal point for family gatherings
  • Natural, soothing ambience to relax in
  • Waterscaping also attracts animals to enjoy the setting you have created. Birds and butterflies are often seen frolicking in these kinds of outdoor places. It cannot be said enough that waterscape is the best thing you can do when you want to decorate your yard and water areas outside and bring a little outside…inside!