Adding Value & Beauty to Your Home

Landscaping is a huge part of everyone’s life, from privacy trees to elegant floral arrangements. We at Aqua Gardens & Landscapes look at every landscaping project as having its own goal to reach and achieve. Each project calls for its own unique design.

One of our most popular landscaping areas is around our Hardscape projects, we look at each of our Hardscaping projects are unique and one of a kind and we feel the plants and landscaping around those projects help to bring them to the next step of completion. We provide FREE landscape design for each of our Hardscaping projects. We also provide installation discounts when combined with one of our Hardscaping projects. Aqua Gardens & Landscapes also handles all types of Mulch, Stone and Sod installation jobs.

Privacy/Noise Landscaping

We work with multiple commercial and residential clients to help design and create a successful noise and privacy landscape. This landscaping is key to many clients in tight neighborhoods or who live near busy streets. Each project is unique in the type of shrubs or trees they may need, based off of the location and soils. Call us today and we’ll be happy to recommend the best solution for your situation.