Hardscaping projects are unique and by most standards life changing for those who choose stone. When Aqua Gardens & Landscapes looks at a Hardscaping project we understand that the project is going to be an investment, a stone project that is expected to last a lifetime and an outdoor living space that has to have multiple uses.

We take the time to make sure everyone of our clients feel comfortable going through every step of the project, One of the most important steps in the project is making sure the style and colors are exactly what are expected by meeting our clients discuss the pavers/walls in person prior to the start of the project. This ensures that the colors and pattern match what our clients are expecting and helps our clients to visualize their project at completion. An addition to viewing the products, Aqua Gardens & Landscapes has completed projects of Hardscaping and our portfolio will allow our clients to view the quality of work and gather addition ideas.

Aqua Gardens & Landscapes also takes the time to make each project unique from one another, we offer our clients the option to mix and match colors, have multiple solider courses and add certain designs at no extra charge, in order to make each project more personal to our clients.Aqua Gardens & Landscapes hardscaping

We also take pride in our Hardscape pricing, because we specialize in Hardscaping and have all of the equipment and trucks, we are able to be extremely effiecient in our work. We have the capability to meet or beat almost anyone’s per square foot price in pavers and retaining walls without sacrificing any quality or workmanship.

Aqua Gardens & Landscapes is a professional company that prides is self on completed jobs, customer satisfaction and the successful growth of our client base. When we complete each one of our Hardscaping projects we expect our clients to be 100% satisfied with each and every step from the initial estimate, choosing material, project process and the completed project. We look forward to providing you an estimate at your convenience.